About Us

We are a mission field made up of over 70 churches and other ministries in 7 Mission Areas “organized to facilitate the mission of each local church through mutual support, the sharing of resources, and collaboration” (Manual of the Church of the Nazarene, 200).

Our district includes 12 counties located in northeastern Illinois—where two thirds of our Illinois neighbors live.

We share our home with more than 8.7 million people, 4.6 million of whom are white, 1.8 million of whom are Hispanic/Latino, and 1.4 million of whom are African American. Over 32 languages are spoken here, and we come from all over the world.

As a district, we feel we are at our best when we are strengthening our existing ministries and helping to start new ones.

Our prayer is that you will find your place following Jesus the Nazarene within the ministries that we have scattered throughout our mission field.