The Chicago Central District
follows is baptized by fishes for people with is taught by rejoices with lives on God's word with worships and serves only hungers for righteousness with practices mercy with seeks purity of heart with are peacemakers with is "salt" with is "light" with prays with gives with fasts with stores treasures in heaven with serves one master with seeks God's kingdom with "doesn't worry" with does God's will with practices the words of hears the word of seeks the lost people with creates "new wineskins" with has great faith in has compassion with prays workers for "scatters seed" with publicly acknowledges takes our cross with loves the poor with befriends sinners with comes to finds "soul rest" with proclaims justice with
Jesus the Nazarene.


Welcome to the Chicago Central District, where we follow Jesus the Nazarene. When Jesus taught, He didn’t just use words, he used images and pictures.  He talked about fishing, about rock, about seed, about treasure, about nets, about rivers of living water, etc.  So, following Jesus’ example, over the coming years, we are going to use 5 images that “picture” our priorities.  Rock - Seed - Forest - Rain - River.

Every time you see a rock, we hope you’ll be reminded of the foundation of our church.  Every time you see a seed, we hope you’ll be reminded we are to multiply the kingdom, every time you see trees or view a forest, we hope you’ll remember we are growing leaders of all ages that are interconnected, every time you watch it rain, we hope you’ll pray for renewal and every time you see a river, we hope you’ll think about the church going deeper and wider…together.  The Rock, the Seed, the Forest, the Rain and the River.  These are the priorities we have as a Chicago Central District family.

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