October 2017 POPS with Rev. Kevin Donoho

This is our second POPS Follow Up! Every month, we’ll invite a pastor to update our CCD family about our meetings. Even if you can’t be with us in person, you are with us in Spirit. This month’s recap is from Rev. Cindi Schimmelpfennig.

Our focus for this month’s POPS meeting was multiplying culture in a growing church.


The Pendulum Principle, Herb Ireland

Throughout the gospels, Jesus lives out for us the example of the Pendulum Principle, a balance of giving out and resting.
Consider the amount of energy that Jesus spent healing the multitudes and casting out demons. Note the woman who touched the hem of his garment. He knew that power had gone out of him. We see Jesus repeated finding solitude, rest, renewal after spending himself with people. Jesus demonstrates for us a balanced lifestyle for ministry.  Giving out and resting
Sometimes, even sleep is not enough! We need solitude with God to fully renew ourselves. Jesus needed rest, how much more do we need it?
Take care of yourself and finish well.

Key Speaker

Kevin Donoho, Lead Pastor of Crossbridge Community Church of the Nazarene in Ottawa, IL.
Crossbridge has campuses in Ottawa and Peru, IL. Crossbridge Community Church is developing church health through the adoption of multisite partnerships.

Multiplying Culture

I was anticipating Kevin teaching us how to develop and lead multisite campuses, but what I received was a pastor being authentic, sharing his heart about ministry transitions, leadership struggles and the need for dependency upon the Holy Spirit for any church growth to happen

1. Expect the church to grow.

In our language, planning, budgeting, staffing, we do everything we can to expect and project growth. We need to visualize bigger. Use language that talks growth into existence. We have got to anticipate what God desires to do and live as if it is our reality.

2. Be prepared to continually change.

There will be change! We must be continually changing to fulfill the mission. Our decisions must not be based on people, the past or programming. Decisions are always based on the mission.

3.  It is ok to fail.

Never be afraid to do the right thing when your mission is at stake. Allow people to tell you what is wrong and what could be better. Your people love the church as much as you do. Fail forward! Don’t spend so much time reliving the past, but turn toward the future of what can be.

4. What is the culture we are trying to multiply?

Be true to the culture you are creating. Keep it simple. Do a few things well. We do this because this is who we are. Don’t merge with other cultures, take them over.

Next month’s POPs will be at the Exponential Conference in Naperville. Registration can be completed here.

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